My Role as Coach

In 1989 I retired from psychotherapy disillusioned and frustrated.  Now, a simple question, "Is my heart open?" has not only revitalized my life, but opened up an exciting new way to help other people find greater fulfillment.  Now, my role is to:

  • Help my client discover the path toward a more fulfilling relationship with oneself, mate,   children, friends and work
  • Help my client develop a greater faith in one’s ability to live with an open heart and thereby create one’s own sense of self trust and well-being.
  • Create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to mid-wife what could not have been imagined fully from the beginning by either my client or myself.
  • Help my client discover the answers to the questions after "The Question."
  • Offer help and additional resources in overcoming their blocks.
  • Be a source of available support during my clients journey. 
  • Keep my heart open, thereby respecting my clients emotional or physical boundaries.
  • Should my heart close and I cross a boundary, modeling an open heart by opening to learning about myself.


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© Copyright 2004. Dr Jordan Paul